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Athlete of The Week

Eileen Overbaugh

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  1. How long have you been at Top Form?

I have been with Top Form for close to a year and a half. My wife, Danielle, and I joined as a couple in September 2022. We often say that going to Top Form was the best decision we made the entire year!


  1. What is the biggest improvement in your health?

So far, the biggest outward improvement to my health has been weight loss. The results have been dramatic. I’ve lost 40-50lbs of excess fat since I started with Top Form. Even some former colleagues don’t recognize me at first when we cross paths at the office! Epic.

I also carry myself differently after losing weight, which is a huge bonus! My posture began to improve. Back and neck pain have long been chronic issues for me, so I am thankful to begin addressing them, albeit indirectly. I hope to make further


  1. What would you say to someone to inspire them to come to Top Form?

I would say that the people at Top Form are genuinely concerned with my wellbeing. It feels like I am a part of a larger, supportive family here.

Shortly after joining Top Form, I encountered some unrelated health issues. After two frightening weeks in-and-out of the hospital, I understood major lifestyle changes were needed if I was going to remain healthy long term. I’m fortunate that Top Form was there for me in that pivotal moment. The timing couldn’t have been better. They were more than happy to turn my self-realization into my new reality.

Top Form was instrumental in guiding me through the recovery process. They carefully changed and balanced my routines to keep me active, but ensured I didn’t push myself too hard. The compassion and warmth I received during this time really cemented my drive to shed excess pounds and make more positive improvements to my life.

Top Form believed in me. They saw potential where I did not. They invested in me on personal level. I owed it to myself to do the same. That was the best way I could express my gratitude. Ron, Monika, and everyone at Top Form have inspired me to approach my own health & wellness with the same supportive kindness they have shown me.




  1. What is the most important motivation to you at Top Form?

My main motivation at Top Form is to have fun while pursuing my goals. It’s important to frame working out with a positive mentality. Hitting the gym is a chore only if you make it that way. Right? So, I look forward to the days I come to Top Form. Not simply because I’ll feel better afterwards either. I look forward to seeing the people at Top Form just as much.

I enjoy my time with the people here. It helps when people are so friendly. Over the past year and a half, I have developed a great rapport with many of you! I really enjoy meeting new people, sharing a joke, talking music, and otherwise having a good time while I am at Top Form.


  1. How does the Top Form training help you with your daily life outside of Top Form?

The training I’ve received at Top Form has helped me to structure pockets of activity into my daily routines. Staying active is crucial to maintaining the work done here at Top Form. Since I work in an office environment, so I find ways to sneak in activity during the workday.

I make it a point to walk outside during my lunch hour. All year ‘round. Yep. Fresh air is good for the soul. I’ll hike the stairs instead of riding the elevator, or walk the dog for an extra loop around the neighborhood (he appreciates it too). Little things like that. Finding an extra 10-15 minutes of activity here and there during the workday can add up significantly by the end of the week!

Erkki has truly transformed his body & mind during his 18 months at Top Form. He is very committed to his health and his training at Top Form. Erkki is a very kind and genuine person, as his wife Danielle. It is a true privilege having him and his wonderful wife Danielle part of our Top Form Family. Great seeing them together giving support and love to each other! 

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