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Topform Inc.

We currently have three Capitol Region areas that come with Licensed Athletic Trainer Contracts.  Queensbury, Schenectady and Hudson Areas come with negotiated conctracts worth up to 80k for new owner.  Contact   Hurry these territories will go fast.

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Becoming a Top Form Owner

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Are you looking to own part of an exciting business that is experiencing significant growth?  Read a letter from Top Form, Inc. President, Ron Annis, to learn about the many benefits of starting your Top Form, Inc. Affiliate today.

Top Form, Inc. Becoming an Owner
Performance/Education Center

Own your own Top Form, Inc. and become part of a team that is forging a new health, fitness, and performance model designed to attract clients from young to mature!

Top Form, Inc. sets itself apart by partnering with your medical community, school districts, and local businesses to ensure a successful practice for years to come.  We are in the referral business!  Generating and receiving referrals from multiple sources is vital to success and continued growth.

Why are we different?

-    Video based Training from owner Ron Annis.  Each week exercises are presented through video instruction to trainers.  Trainers/Affiliates take this information and apply it to the weekly training board (Same exercises from video and in five levels of difficulty), ensuring an individualized system that can be administered and applied by all our facilities/trainers.

-    We train the trainers!  Top Form Inc does not rely on, "hired guns," to develop training programs.  All programs are developed, trademarked and administer through owner Ron Annis.  A truely, "hands on approach," to administration of programming.

-    Top Form, Inc. has created a system that can assist you opening the doors to your own practice with a very much smaller investment than competing models. Equipment needs and investments are minimal, and sets us apart from our competitors who often require large amounts of capital just to be considered.

-    Our training philosophy is not about the hardest workout till the clients is sick, on the contray we work from an injury prevention intention.  From this philosophy the athlete, worker, everyday person will indiviually achieve. 

-    We do not do, "group training," where each person recieves the same training regardless of age, fitness, nor stage of development.  We are interrested in YOU and Your achievement/goals!

Top Form, Inc. has the following to offer a franchisee:

  • Trademarked five step training program/training manual that requires achievement in both mental and physical areas of:

    • Strength

    • Speed

    • Vision

    • Balance

    • Nutrition

    • Education

    • Flexibility

    • Power

    • Footwork

  • Upon successful completion of each level, the athlete is awarded a patch to signify he/she has met criteria and competencies at that level

    • This is analogous to the awarding of belts in martial arts for certain criteria met

  • Unmatched marketing model

  • Branding!  In a word, working together with many other facilities focused on providing proven services, while sharing equipment and intellectual needs

  • Income is derived from contracts and through cash-based clientele payments

  • Prices that are no more than medical co-pays ensures a superior competitive market position

  • Education center is a source of additional revenue streams provided through:

    • CPR training classes

    • First Aid Classes

    • Mandated state education continuing education to school districts

    • CEU training seminars

    • Coaching training seminars

    • Nutritional/lifestyle seminars

    • National, award-winning sports physicals with all proceeds back to school districts

  • Daytime programming when the youth are in school, so your center does not idle during the day

  • Multiple programming offerings:

    • Youth performance

    • Adult personal training

    • Adult fitness classes:  Yoga, Spinning, Boot Camp, etc.

    • Massage

    • Rehabilitation (we work with physical therapy groups, taking over patients when insurances payments expire)

Contact us immediately for a complete information and disclosure package.  Do not lose another minute, begin to take charge of your life and vision today!

Yours truly,

Ron Annis

President, Top Form, Inc.

Main Office 518.477.2700 or 1-855-Get-InIt

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