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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Form, Inc. all about?

We are committed to improving athletic performance and fitness to those at any ability level, any age, male or female!  Whether you are an elite athlete, stay at home mother or father, professional executive, middle-age businessperson, couch potato, or retired, Top Form, Inc. will devise physical, mental, and nutritional programs catered to YOU!  We want to have a positive impact in your life.

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What does your training consist of?

The backbone of our programs is education.  Our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge and ability of the tools necessary to pursue their goals. 

Any successful fitness program begins with a good strength program!  Speed, balance, movement, power, and agility all progress from a strong strength base!  Individuals will be functionally evaluated and a personal strength program will be designed to challenge the individual in achieving his or her needs and goals.  This program will be administered using a variety of equipment including: free-weights, machines, Thera-Bands, medicine balls, resistance bands, and much more.  Using this strength foundation, we progressively train individuals in other disciplines of speed, agility, balance, plyometrics, vision, nutrition, and mental training.  Each discipline will build through a functional and educational progression, ensuring that individuals have both the skill and knowledge to progress to more difficult training levels.

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Why does Top Form, Inc. emphasize the education component of its training?

Education is empowerment!  The more we impart why we are training and what the training is affecting, the better compliance and commitment is put forth toward achieving your goals!

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What is the structure of your training sessions?

While we offer personal training sessions, the bulk of our training occurs within small groups of four to six people.  Small groups bring out the best in people through friendly competition and positive encouragement.  A Top Form, Inc. Professional Trainer will guide the individuals through their training sessions, but each participant is responsible for putting forth maximum effort toward their personal programs while helping, spotting, and encouraging others in the group.  This is a truly empowering way to train with all individuals working toward their personal excellence!

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How do you determine the training level I will begin at?

Our staff at Top Form, Inc. is movement specialists and will carefully observe your movement, knowledge, and energy excursion levels during a basic introductory training session.  Using this information, we can create a training program that will appropriately challenge you to meet your personal needs and goals.  This training program will be continuously evaluated and changed so that you never become accustomed to the same training and continue to reach new personal bests.

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What will the first appointment look like?

You will jump right in!  Come prepared with athletic clothing (tee shirt, shorts, and your favorite basketball, running or cross-training sneakers).  A general strength workout will be devised prior to your training session and we will begin helping you achieve your needs and goals from the very first movement we see! 

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Why should I commit to more than a few weeks of training?

The success of our training program depends upon a philosophy of commitment!  While shorter programs are available, they are designed to introduce you to the benefits of training with Top Form, Inc.  However, owner Ron Annis firmly believes that shorter, six to eight week programs only scratch the surface and do not truly result in lasting performance improvements.  Longer programs and the adoption of positive daily habits will result in ongoing performance advancements that are the product of consistent training and effective use!

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How do you train athletes of different ages and abilities?

Our programs are age appropriate and functionally progressive!  Now what does that mean?  A seventh grader will not train the same as a high school junior, nor will the high school junior train like a collegiate athlete.  Programs and exercises progress according to the growth and development of each individual.  It is commonly unknown that many exercises used in the college setting should never be used at the high school level with inexperienced athletes because of the increased injury risk!  However, Top Form, Inc. trains functionally, meaning that as an athlete stays with the training program and safely progresses in increasing levels of difficulty, the athlete has the potential to reach incredibly high training levels in their latter high school years.

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What about training during the season?

Absolutely!  We understand that many of you are concerned about the time commitment required to train with your team, and do not think you can fit Top Form, Inc. training into your schedules.  Top Form Inc.’s yearly program is priced so that you do not need to train three to four times per week during the competitive season.  We believe that training with us as little as one time per week in season can continually develop skills needed to achieve your goals.  We do not want to take the place of your team’s or coach’s training.  Rather, we want to supplement this training by ensuring proper movements and progressions to increase your performance even more!  Furthermore, nutrition, mental training, flexibility, speed, and vision can all be developed in-season with minimal strain on the body, ensuring that you can continue to compete at your highest level.

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Do you believe in summer speed, strength, and power fitness camps?

Yes!  Top Form, Inc. runs summer camps at several local schools during the summer with great success.  These camps provide large groups of athletes access to the latest training techniques.  Camps are a great way to introduce young athletes to the benefits of regimented training and we find that many campers take training to the next level by joining one of our performance centers.

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