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Your time and education are important to us!  Top Form, Inc. offers continuing education in condensed, intensive study sessions with experienced and motivating instructors who use group discussions, presentations, and research papers to maximize the learning experience.

Listed below you will find all of the courses offered by Top Form, Inc.  Clicking on a course will provide you with course and pricing information.  A composite schedule for all of Top Form Inc.'s courses can be found on our Schedule page.

New York State Education Department Coaching License Courses

WE Do Not Offer Below But Have Included Links For Your Convenience

Your Checklist:

1. Child Abuse Workshop
2. School Violence Workshop (SAVE)
3. Course I – Phil., Prin. & Org. of Athletics
4. Course II – Health Sciences Applied to Coaching
5. Course III – Theories & Techniques of Coaching
6. First Aid
8. Concussion Management
9. DASA Training
10. Fingerprinting Clearance
11. NYS Temporary Coaching License


We administer these courses in an intense, condensed, consecutive day format so that they may be completed in one week.  All phases are generally offered during the summer (last week Julythrough 2nd week of August), Phase II again in the late February, Phase I during President's week, and Phase III in late March.

**NOTE: The NYS Education Department states that you have three years to complete these courses upon applying for your temporary coaching license.  Courses may be taken in any order, but it is recommended Phase I should be taken during the first year.

NYS Coaches CPR, AED & First Aid


American Red Cross, American Heart Association and NYS Education Department Certified Courses

  • Adult CPR
  • Infant and Child CPR
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Standard First Aid

Contact Top Form, Inc. at 518.477.2700 or email us here for more information or to enroll in a course today!

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Contact Top Form, Inc. at 518.477.2700 or email us here for more information or to enroll in a course today!

All courses, unless otherwise noted, are administered at the Delmar Performance Center